Keegan Quarries manufactures concrete in compliance with form S.100 – the department of Agriculture’s concrete specification for new farm buildings. Our aggregates conform to IS EN12620 & SR16.

GGBS can be added to the departments two standardised mixes depending on consumer requirements which leads to better resistance to chemical attack particularly that from silage effluent and cleaning fluids.

The requirements of concrete used in farms and farmyards can be extremely demanding due to harsh environments found in silos, silo slabs, silage aprons and silage effluent tanks. With this in mind Keegan Quarries Ltd has developed a range of mixes that meet all requirements of the Department of Agriculture, and also improve in areas such as:

  • Chemical Resistance
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Freeze Thaw Tesistance
  • High Durability Concretes

Our product portfolio also includes quarry products; stones, aggregates, sand and gravel, fill products and a wide range of blocks

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