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Keegan Quarries Certificate of Conformity 12620

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Keegan Quarries are very proud to be environmentally aware and conscious of protecting the environment. Concrete and cement products are regarded as being environmentally harsh/severe, to mitigate this perception Keegan Quarries endeavours to produce its concrete products in an environmentally friendly way. Keegan Quarries manufacture a large portion of the concrete using environmentally friendly GGBS (ground granulated blast furnace slag) – a bi product of the steel industry and is sourced from Irish cement ltd and Ecocem. We also buy the majority of our cement from Lagan Cement who produce cement using recycled waste as a fuel source for their cement kilns.

Keegan Quarries has planted approx. 35 acres of trees over the last number of years on various pieces of land owned by the company. These woodlands have reduced the carbon footprint of the company dramatically providing cover for wildlife and mitigating the visual impact of the quarry and workings of different sites.

Keegan Quarries also recycle all waste products including steel, plastic and timber. We run a fleet of up to date trucks which have reduced omissions using euro 6 category engines. Our quarry operations are run in a tight neat and clean fashion with modern equipment all with low emissions engines.