Keegan Quarries - Concrete, quarry products and blocks


What is a part load charge?

Any order below 5m3 incurs a part load charge.  Example: If you order 2mthen a part load charge of 3m3 will be added.

Do you have a converbelt on your concrete bottle lorries?

No, we don't have a converbelt on any of our concrete bottle lorries.

How long is a shoot on the back of a concrete bottle lorry?

The shoot measures 4 meters in length.

How many lifts of blocks fit on a block lorry?

12 lifts fit on our fleet of block lorries.

How many tonnes in 1 meter cubed?

1m3 equals 2.2 tonnes.

What are the measurements of Tipper/ Bottle/ 8 Wheeler?

Our tippers, bottles and 8 wheeler's all measure 8.5 foot wide and 13 foot high.

What is 804?

Clause 804 (Pyrite Free Stone) is crushed stone with 1 1/2 " dust from our limestone quarry. It is light grey in colour and is commonly used for foundations of houses and for driveways.